Our Story

In 1952, before 2nd Ave. West was even paved, Williston Woodworks was established in a small shop across from Harmon Park. Incorporated in 1955, the primary product was residential cabinets, but we also built wooden boats to be used in the newly flooded Lake Sakakawea.


When we began to outgrow the original building in 1964, a new facility was built further north on 2nd Ave. We continued to specialize in residential cabinets and countertops. We also developed as a commercial casework manufacturer doing many banks, hospitals, nursing homes, and office complexes in the Williston area. 


With the heavy traffic on 2nd and a growing business, a new facility was built at 2108 - 4th Avenue West in 1983. Our primary business is still residential kitchens, baths, and custom stairways with a mix of commercial casework. Many of our original craftsmanship ways are still in use today with expanded ideas and up-to-date equipment.